Ted P., member since 2014

I am a recent new member and could not be more pleased with being a part of the JCC!. The staff at JCC is professional, friendly, and will go the extra distance to make sure your experience is a positive one. The facilities are well maintained and there are many choices to keep you fit and healthy. I highly recommend the JCC.


Sarah P., member since 2002

Having an event at the JCC was easy. I would like to say thank you.


 Stefan S., member since 2014

In the time I have been coming to the JCC, all of my experiences have been nothing short of excellent. I use the exercise facilities about 3-4 times a week, and find that I am always welcomed, and taken care of. The gym has ample machines and has never been too crowded for me to workout. The locker rooms are always pristine, and if I ever need anything or have a question, there is always a staff member to help me out. In the time I have been coming to the JCC, I have lost over 60 lbs, and have found that the gym has given me the perfect environment to work at my own pace, without the interference of large crowds or obnoxious members. The JCC is a great gym, and I look forward to my next workout as I type.

Dave W., member since 2014

The Schenectady JCC fitness center is the key to my weight loss success.

My soccer-playing son told me, "Dad, you've got to exercise enough every day to sweat through a t-shirt." I joined the  Schenectady JCC that same day. After being 80 pounds overweight for 30 years, I've had best weight loss success of my lifetime at the JCC. Attention to diet, with a daily workout on the stationary bicycle followed by an enjoyable half mile swim, have led to me losing 32 pounds in nine months. I like the welcoming and encouraging staff, the convenient hours, and variety of exercise equipment available at the JCC. This exercise routine is sustainable for me, and I'm stoked to lose the rest of my excess weight.

Cara W., member since 2012

I am a working mom of 2 young children.  I often take advantage of the Fitness Center when I finish working and before I pick up my children from the JCC Daycare and ASEP.  Not only is the Fitness Center equipped with the machines I need and like to maintain my needs as a runner, but the fitness staff + personal trainers have been fantastic.  Their knowledge + ability to develop a program unique to my needs + goals, coupled with their scheduling flexibility have been a positive aspect of my running/fitness program.  I look forward to and rely on this ongoing support.

Jim Golden, member since Jan, 2007

It was only a few days after undergoing a heart valve replacement that Jim Golden realized how rigorous the recovery would be. The Glenville native had always been pretty active, a professional engineer who kept busy playing tennis, biking and traveling. Still, the demanding nature of this recovery even took him a little by surprise. “It was necessary for me, once I got the ticker re-ticking, to force myself to amplify what I was already doing, in terms of exercising,” he said. “And the JCC was there with the Silver Sneakers program.” Golden was a member, but the Silver Sneakers program made it more financially feasible for him to keep coming to the SJCC. “That led me to continue the membership,” said the 75-year-old, about learning of Silver Sneakers. Golden has used the Silver Sneakers program to work out at the SJCC’s Dr. Edwin & Judy Brown Fitness Center. “The trainers are excellent people,” he said. “The facilities are fantastic.” Staying active was always important, but as he continued to get older, while also trying to bounce back from this operation, it became a little bit more difficult. “I was in pretty good shape (before the procedure), but it just knocks the heck out of you,” said Golden. The SJCC was recommended to Golden and he started visiting the fitness center with a friend. Even when that friend stopped going, Golden knew he had to keep his commitment to exercise. He occasionally sees familiar faces at the SJCC, as he continues to stay active. “It’s good to see the same people, with everybody looking good and not huffing and puffing as they go,” said Golden. An engineer for the New York State Thruway Authority, Golden also fancies himself as a handyman of sorts, working with electrical, plumbing and carpentry. Golden has a trunk full of tools in his car, perfect to keep him busy in his retirement days. “I’m usually on my feet and doing something that requires some movement of the body parts,” he said. Living about 15 minutes away from the center isn’t a problem, as it’s an easy drive to make. “It’s no sweat,” Golden said. The SJCC has allowed him to keep sweating, staying active and living a healthy lifestyle. “The JCC has been there for me,” said Golden.

Hillary H, member since Oct, 2012

After having my second child, I decided to stay at home with my kids but was looking for an opportunity to get back in shape. The SJCC is the perfect place! On my first day, I met with a trainer who gave me a tour of the Fitness Center and demonstrated some initial exercises. The SJCC offers numerous cardio options, including treadmills, ellipticals and AMT so I can work out five days a week and not get bored or repetitive. There is also a wide variety of weight machines, so I can use different machines on different days to mix up my workouts. I had never done Pilates before, but when I saw the group exercise schedule I thought I’d give it a try. I’m so glad I did because it’s a great complement to my cardio workouts and Lori is an excellent instructor. When I first started there were many moves I could not do fully but there was no pressure to - I did what I could and didn’t try to mimic the person next to me. As I’ve continued, I have gained the strength and flexibility to do more. The indoor pool is another great option for those days when I’d rather do laps. Then I can end my workout with a few minutes in the relaxing whirlpool! The SJCC Fitness Center has helped me toward my fitness goals - and I couldn’t have done it without the help of the babysitting team. I would highly recommend the SJCC Fitness Center!

Karen B, member since July, 2012

The classes at the Schenectady JCC are diverse, well scheduled and fun.  They have excellent, new equipment and a non-itimidating environment where my whole family is comfortable working out.  My workout consists of using the treadmill and elliptical but I have recently been attending the TRX classes that are offered and I am addicted!!  I have dropped a pant size in about 3 months!!!  I never have to wait for equipment and the instructors and trainers are experienced, professional, friendly and always willing to help.  I have never found a gym where I felt like I belonged until I joined the JCC!


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