Virtual Activities

Be ready for wonderful community virtual opportunities, featuring: 


Book Fest:  Erica Katz, The Boys’ Club: A Novel

Thursday, January 14 at 8 pm

Film Fest presents "It must Schwing"

Sunday. January 17, 7:30 pm


Special MLK Commemorative program

Songs of Dreams: A Multi-Genre Musical Celebration of MLK Day
Monday, January 18, 2021,   5-6:30 pm 


Musical lecture
Mon, Jan 25, 2021, 4:30 PM
Exploring Opera: Sensational Seville


Book Festival
Wed., January 27 at 8 pm ET
Scott Turow, The Last Trial

Celebration Series
Thu. January 28 Tu B'Shvat (Jewish Arbor Day) Program 4:00 PM 

Trees of Israel: Stories and Fun Facts





















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Purchase a JCC Cookbook

Elegant cauliflower 

Israeli Appetizers 

Mushroom Quiche 

7 Species Salad 

Delicious roasted eggplant 

Israeli Coffee 

Mini Quiches 

Purple Cabbage side-dish 

Chocolate covered popcorn 

Homemade Gluten-free low-calories pizza 

Mexican Flan 

Make your own tortillas 

Mexican Rice Restaurant Style 

Sopa De Pasta 

Typical Israeli meal 

Israeli salad and Bourekas 

Walnut Basil Fettuccine 

Linguine with Lemon 

Earth Day Dessert 

Easy Recipe for Sauteed Mushrooms 

Honey-glazed carrots 

A secret of a perfect sandwich 

Roasted eggplant dish 

Chimichurri! parsley sauce 

East Tomato Sauce and useful tip

Roasted sweet potatoes 

Orange-glazed beets   

Israeli Garden Salad  



Got Carpenter Bees? Check this out 

Outdoors Maintenance

Maintenance Mike installing touchless sinks 

Maintenance Mike tip of the day 

Maintenance Mike tip of the day 

Maintenace Mike tip of the day 

Maintenance Mike tip of the day 

Maintenence tip of the day 

The craft of the day: Tissue-paper flowers 

The craft of the day: Napkin holders 

The craft of the day: Creative rainbows 

Maintenance Mike Tip of the Day 

The craft of the day: Beautiful bookmarks

Maintenance Mike Tip of the day - hanging curtains 

Cooking with Judy Gluten-Free/Passover cookies 

 Purchase a JCC Cookbook

Importance of replacing filters 

Mike’s tip of the day - Battery-powered tools 

Taking Care of Equipment 

Painting tips from maintenance Mike   

Painting tips from maintenance Mike 




Camp song Friday 

Song by Dvir! 

Rainbow sandwich 

Camp song Friday 

 a pasta foil craft 

Easy card game 

Camp song Friday 

Make your own lava lamp!

Simple Craft with Rachel 

Trivia with Rachel 

A little Camp Song 

Virtual Summer Camp 1

Virtual Summer Camp 2

Camp Chaverim’s got talent! Check out our Camp Director’s special talent of scarf juggling!




Story Time with Andrea

Story Time from the Blue Room  

Story Time from The Green Room  

Story Time from Andrea's Living Room  

Story Time from the Yellow Room

Story Time: Something Good 


ECE Topics:

Virtual Imaginary Trip to Israel! 

Gross & Fine Motor Activities 

S.T.E.A.M. Activities

Sensory Play

Happy Earth Day! 

Writing Activities for Preschoolers

Celebrating Passover 


Emotional Endurance and Talking with Children about COVID-19  (3/20/2020)

Check out our YouTube Channel with videos from our teachers!
















Aquatic Dryland 4/23/2020


Aquatic Dryland 4/13/2020

Aquatic dryland 5-minute challenge 4/8/2020



Silver Sneakers Cardio Circuit

Upper Body Excercise

Silver Sneakers Cardio

Gentle Yoga

Tuesday, Silver Sneakers Workout

Total body fitness

Lower Body Workout 

Tuesday Siver Sneaker

Upper Body Workout

Total Body Workout

Silver Sneakers

Core Workout

Here is your Upper Body Workout to start your week off right!

Exercise outside!

Silver Sneakerotal body circuit 

Lower Body with Linda

Silver Sneakers with Lisa 

Circuit workout for your upper body

Total Body Workout

Thursday Silver Sneaker

Leg workout

Silver Sneakers with Lisa

Upper body workout 

Total body Workout  

Silver Sneaker workout 

Lower Body Workout

Silver Sneakers Cardio and Stretch

Upper Body Workout

Total Body workout with Terry

Wellfit class

Lower body and balance workout

Sports performance with Jordan

Family workout 

Silver Sneakers Upper Body and Core Focus with Lisa


Dryland Circuit 

Total Body Workout

Silver Sneakers Cardio and Core

Lower Body Workout

HIIT and Upper Body Workout with Coach Furey! 

Monday Fitness

Workout with Terry 

Work out with Coach Furey and his crew 


Core & More 





Kinetic Sand 5/15/2020

Homemade Guitar 5/14/2020

Chocolate covered popcorn 5/11/2020

Sun Catchers 5/8/2020

Fluffy Slime 5/6/2020

Water/Rain experiment 5/4/2020

Spaghetti Dance 5/1/2020

Tornado in a Jar 4/29/2020

Invisible ink 4/27/2020

Super Bouncy Ball 4/23/2020

Rainbow paper towels 4/21/2020

Moon Dough 4/16/2020

Making Flubber 4/13/2020

Friendship bracelets 4/8/2020

Simple Salt Dough 4/7/2020

Dyed baby wipes 4/6/2020

Moon Sand 4/2/2020

Soap and pepper experiment 4/1/2020

Easiest play dough ever 3/31/2020

No materials Monday 3/30/2020

Nature Scavenger Hunt 3/26/2020

Cooking activity for the kids 3/25/2020

Puffy Paint Art Activity 3/24/2020

J Kid Science - Snow Fluff 3/23/2020



Musical week!

Pillar of Fire

La Kosher Nostra from Argentina

Jewish Music through the years


Learn about Sculptor Yacov Agam

Marc Chagall

Israeli artist Jordana Klein

Flower wreath for Shavuot 

Intro to Shavuot Food 

Beautiful Shabbat scene from "Fiddler On The Roof

40 Yiddish Words you  should know 

Jews in Music 

Mexican Jewish Community

Beautiful flowers of Israel 

Experience virtual Israel

Happy Independence Day!

"The Jewish Lens" exhibit

Kookulam: Over 5,000 People singing together, virtually 

Joe's Violin Film honoring the Holocaust Remembrance Day 

Jewish Broza in concert

Passover 101: Matzah Factory demo

Passover 101: The Seder Plate 


A view from Israel

Havdalah with Andrea 

Cleaning the Western Wall 

Zemer Ha´am - Anajnu Veatem Dance group from JCC Mexico City

Havdalah with Andrea

Cooking with Judy Gluten-Free/Passover cookies

Idan Raichel Special Concert 

Hebrew! Word of the Day

Jewish Film Festival Presents:70 Hester Street (Free, short film)

National Yiddish Theatre Folksbiene 
Jewish & Israel Knowledge: 
Harvard University's course on Judaism Through Its Scriptures (free) 3/23/2020

Explore The Israel Museum in Jerusalem. 3/19/2020

Jewish Book Council current recommendations  3/19/2020

Jewish Films, free 30-day trial. Many of these films were screened at our Jewish Film Festivals.  3/20/2020



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