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Yoga is a perfect way to relax, while also exercising and stretching to stay active and The SJCC offers many types of Yoga classes. 

Sunday's Yoga class features a creative sequence that builds strength, flexibility, balance and endurance.  Flowing between postures, with emphasis on linking breath and movement, this class makes for a moving meditation that can be both athletic and vigorous.  The class begins and ends with a brief meditation and relaxation.  

Yoga Eclectic is Tuesday evenings and is a combination of the Hatha and Tantric branches of yoga.  Each class includes Asanas (physical postures), meditation and Pranayama (breath techniques). 

Jivamukti Yoga is offered on Thursday evenings.  Jivamukti is a Sanskrit word meaning “liberation while living”. Jivamukti Yoga is an internationally recognized style of Hatha Yoga and its distinct style weaves together the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of Yoga to form a deep and holistic experience on the mat. Each Jivamukti class offers an invigorating and challenging form of vinyasa (flow) practice that is infused with inspiring teachings derived from the ancient Yogic texts, music, breath work, chanting, meditation and relaxation. This class is challenging and includes advanced postures such as headstand.  Some Yoga experience is recommended but adventuresome and athletic beginners are always welcome.

Stretch Yoga is offered on Friday afternoons and is designed to move your whole body through a complete series of yoga poses. This class will help you increase flexibility, balance and range of movement. Breathing exercises, stretching and a final relaxation will promote stress reduction and mental clarity.

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