Success Stories

One day, this past June, I took a long honest look in the mirror and I realized that the pretty blouse with the trim and the long sleeves that meant to flatter plus size women didn't hide the
 fact I weighed 184 pounds and I could not walk or climb stairs without breathing hard. I decided to do something. I joined the JCC. I did cardio every day. But I walked slowly on the treadmill, holding on to handles, afraid to let go.  I set goals for myself. Maybe I will do 250 calories today, then I changed it to 500 calories ultimately.
I starting losing weight. Then I joined the JCC 45 Day Challenge. It was a game changer. I did classes and cardio, working up to either 700 or 800 calories a day with a class thrown in. I stopped eating desserts. I cut down the portion sizes. I ate five fruits and vegetables. I made smoothies and shakes. I still ate the occasional brownie and drank soda but I stopped trying to reward myself with food treats.
At the end of the challenge, I weigh 159 pounds. I can now run on the treadmill. I don't hold on to the handles. I have energy and I feel great as I look better and the clothes are no longer cutting into my body. They fall easily on my frame. My jeans are very loose. I can do the TRX and the strength training classes. I had a lovely mentor, Terry who encouraged me. Everyone at JCC supported me. Thanks to Josh, Ernie, Lisa, Andrew, Lenny, everybody. They have become my family and I look forward to connecting with them daily.
I am proud of myself. I set out on my journey and I accomplished a lot. I have a long way to go and I am going to do it with my back straight, my shoulders held back and my head back. Because good posture is as important as good health. When you lose the weight and get fit, it's an awesome feeling. No one can give that to it, you can't buy it anywhere, it's something you have to earn. And its worth it.
It sounds clichéd if  I can do it, so can you. I mean I was the person who couldn't climb a flight of stairs properly. I would get out of breath. Now I run on the treadmill.
Sonia Chopra (member since July, 2013) Chopra After Photo.JPGSonia after losing 30+ pounds
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