Country Line Dancing with Robin Dyanick 


Beginner Country Line Dancing 
This is a fun class for anyone with no experience to get started in Country Line Dancing, OR who wants to restart right at the beginning.
Steps will be broken down and taught at an easy pace. 
Each week we will learn a few new dances and review dances from the previous week.  
These dances can be done to lots of different country hits.  
Wednesdays, October 6th - November 24th - 8 weeks
6:45 pm - 8:00 pm
$10 per class. (Cash only, please) 
Inside JCC Auditorium* 
No need for early registration.
Improver Level Country Line Dancing 
This class is for anyone who has some experience in Country Line Dancing and/or has been through Beginner sessions before with Robin, and is ready to move onto some newer dances!   We will work on learning improver level steps, about tags and restarts, and slightly longer patterns than in beginners.   
We will learn some fun dances that go to specific Country hits!  
Thursdays, September 23rd - Nov 4th, 7 weeks
6:45pm - 8pm 
$10 per class  
Inside JCC Auditorium*
No need for early registration
* The Schenectady JCC requests their members and guests to wear masks in the hallways.
  Covid protocols may change, according to the Health Dept. mandates.
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