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April 1,2020 
Dear JCC Family,
We want to personally thank you for your patience and understanding as the Schenectady JCC - like all of us - tries to manage during this unprecedented time of uncertainty. We also want to thank you for the many messages of support and concern. Many of you have generously opted to keep your membership active at this time and we truly appreciate your support of the Schenectady JCC to assist us in our efforts.
Following CDC and NYS Department of Health protocols, the Board of Directors of the Schenectady JCC has made the difficult decision to extend the facility's closure through April 19th. We know how difficult this has been on you and your family, but we must comply with these directives to promote our community's health.
We encourage you and your family to actively participate in all of the virtual programs our team has put together. From exercise classes to jokes-of-the-day to senior socials to home repair tips to virtual Shabbat, our virtual JCC is getting more active each day. Silver Sneakers and Renew Active Members, please remember to "check in" your attendance (date, time and class) as you take advantage of our virtual JCC events.
You can find all of our virtual programs and schedules here. Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page for more content. We are excited to have these opportunities to stay connected with our JCC family. Look for even more online content coming soon!!
If you have any questions, please let us know. We are thinking of you and your families - stay well. We can't wait to see all of you soon!
All the best,
Kathy Levy
SJCC Board of Directors
Andy Katz
Interim Executive Director
Schenectady JCC



March 26

Dear JCC Family:
As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit the Schenectady JCC has always had limited resources. When we have extra money, we have done things like raised staff salaries, fixed a roof, replaced water heaters, and paved a parking lot (all the extras which go into making the JCC the best it can be with what we have).
When this pandemic began, we closed for two weeks out of concern for public health. We have been closely following local, state and federal guidelines. Things changed daily - from orders to close the Fitness Center, closing of the school district through April 1, 2020, and more possible exposures of COVID-19. To the extent possible, staff is working from home and we are endeavoring to do everything we can for the Schenectady JCC to go virtual. Also, we have diverted our unrestricted maintenance reserve towards our regular payroll and expenses. The only major maintenance we plan to do now is to repair a roof. We have made difficult decisions each day to protect the health and safety of our JCC community.
Your program and membership fees cover payroll, utilities, licenses, rentals to the school district, insurance, and benefits for the staff to keep the JCC going. As you know, we decided to get through the first 14 days and pay all staff - it's the least we can do. We turned down the heat, are not heating the pool, and found other ways to save money. Unfortunately, because we are unable to pay staff not able to work remotely, we are furloughing some of those staff. Our policy is to fully self-pay for unemployment and furloughed staff who are eligible will, in all likelihood, file for unemployment. Additionally, the SJCC will cover the health insurance premiums for the handful of furloughed staff who participate in our health insurance plans. Things continue to change daily, and we are hopeful that recent and emerging legislation will help support continuance of staff salaries. We will see what happens over the next few weeks. At this point, we anticipate being closed into sometime in April. We will be updating you as soon as we hear about applicable guidelines. The purpose of these actions, -- first and foremost to us -- are to protect the health and safety of our community, members, guests, and staff.
Moving forward, we are doing everything we can to seek sources of funding (loans and grants), figuring out ways to reduce costs, and utilizing our limited unrestricted funds in order to ensure that the JCC is able to reopen when we are able. We have heard some questions about why we don't use some of our donor funds. The answer is that we are required by federal and state regulations to not liquidate any assets that are restricted by donors (for example donations to the playground campaign) as that money can only be used for the donor's intended purpose.
We hope you will stick with us by supporting us as best you can because our JCC community is so important to all of us. We understand your concerns but also ask that you understand that we are all impacted by this crisis and we are doing the best we can as a non-profit to make sure that the SJCC and all of its previous programming will be available when this crisis is over. We will do everything in our power to ensure that the SJCC is able to reopen.
We will follow up with individual program emails about our current policies on membership and program fees are listed below.  An important clarification: we will offer a credit on each family's account that deposits 50% of the tuition for April (only) for the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program. If the JCC is unable to reopen in April, the family will NOT lose this payment. The credit will be applied to the next month of Early Childhood Education tuition. Beyond this, no further Early Childhood tuition will be collected until we reopen. In addition, we will continue to offer remote programming for Early Childhood Education students. While it is not the same as all being together in the classroom, we hope it is bringing some joy to your children's lives.
Camp registration is still open so please reserve your spot with a refundable deposit (through June 1, 2020). And, if you need any services or support, please contact our membership or scholarship team.
Please continue to interact with us virtually as much as you can. We will continue to add more great virtual content during our closure. We thank you for all that you do to support us and for your patience as we work through this difficult time.

The JCC continues to find ways to provide a virtual connection for our members, whether through fitness classes, storytime, virtual celebrations or even household repair tips. Please check out the opportunities we are providing our members on our website and Facebook page. Moving forward, if you are a JCC member you have three options for the membership dues payment effective April 1st, 2020:


  • Continue to support the critical work, inclusive mission, and professional staff of the JCC through your ongoing membership. If you remain a member, your membership will be extended one month at no cost on your renewal date.
  • Freeze your membership starting April 1st at no cost and activate your membership without penalty upon the building's reopening
  • Cancel your membership, with 30 days' notice required, and incur any applicable rejoining fees upon re-enrollment.

Requests for a membership freeze or cancellation should be directed to the JCC's Membership Specialist Budhan Ramcharan. All requests should be submitted by March 29th to ensure processing before April 1st.

Early Childhood Education Infants and Toddlers 

The Board asked ECE parents to pay 50% of their April tuition. This will be the only charge until the JCC reopens (no matter how many more months the program is closed, you will only be asked to pay this one-time charge). Additionally, the Board has decided that the fee will be applied to the tuition for the next month of Early Childhood Education that your child attends. You will NOT lose this payment if the program does not open in April. Finally, we urge you and your child to take advantage of the many virtual programs that our lead teachers will be providing the children over the coming weeks and months.

 Early Childhood Education Pre-School

The Board asked ECE parents to pay 50% of their April tuition. This will be the only charge until the JCC reopens (no matter how many more months the program is closed, you will only be asked to pay this one-time charge). Additionally, the Board has decided that the fee will be applied to the tuition for the next month of tuition of Early Childhood Education that your child attends. You will NOT lose this payment if the program does not open in April. Additionally, all wrap-around charges for the month of April have been canceled.

After School Programs

Unfortunately, at this time, we have no answers as to when Niskayuna Schools will reopen. We anticipate that the District’s closure may extend into April. You will NOT be charged for April until school and the programs reopen.

Program Registration Fees (classes, events, training sessions, etc.)

For any current program fees that have already been collected, those programs will resume when the JCC reopens. 



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